About Us.


About Us.

Body Care for SELF: was founded Briah Duncan and  is co-owned by my fiancè Adly Enoicy. I created the product based on a found live for herbal healing, and a need for skincare that worked for myself and my family. I mix it in the kitchen, and with the help of my amazing fiance, he packs and assist. Together, we bring you a family product created in love. 

SELF: creates products for the hardworking, skin conscious, and aromatic enthusiast. All of our products are hand crafted, and each oil has been hand selected to protect, and renew the skin.  

We believe that the perfect getaway is just a shower away! Therefore, our products are a reminder to take a breath, and pull away.  

SELF: uses aromatherapy, an ancient form of alternative healing. Aromatherapy is grounded in the inhalation of the oils. These deep breaths introduce your body to the natural plant oils embedded into each soap. The released hormones are said to aid in relief from odor, inflammation, pain and so much more.  

Love your,