Each of the products shipped is handled with love and care. Each product order is hand crafted by one person. That being said, please allow a maximum of 7 business days for each order to be processed. Exclusively to Monday- Friday, with major holidays not counting as a business day. While we pride ourselves on our fast delivery, a max of 7 days for processing each order is allotted. By purchasing through our small business, you are agreeing to said processing times. 

Body Care For SELF: guarantees that each product is as listed before heading out to ship. That being said, during mailing transitions, items are known to shift during transport. We do not hold any responsibility for product care once tracking numbers have been sent for said order. 

Want it delivered? If you are within a 5 mile radious, our business will personally deliver your order.  Add to cart athe "soap dealers" drop off fee and use promo code "DROPOFF" for delivery. 

If your zipcode is: 33431, 33487, 33445 or 33484, your order will be delivered on the following Monday

If your zipcode is: 33444, 33483, 33435, your order will be delivered on the following Friday

*Orders without a delivery fee added to their carts will unfortunately be cancelled and refunded 

Conclusively, all refunds and exchanges are on a individual basis, as deemed by the company. Please email us any concerns, and we will assist you on rectifying the matter. Should you find need to, email our customer service team at